Emerging from Xmas hibernation

blue-jays-in-snow-temp-690x290[1]We’ve been hibernating since Christmas but now it’s time for the Jays to burst into song again.

The Jay Singers at Blythburgh

The Jay Singers, Feel The Spirit, directed by Neil MacKenzie perform at Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh.

Or at least sing to our esteemed musical director Neil Mackenzie (right), who’s asked to hear every member’s voice individually (but refuses the term ‘audition’).

The Jays convene this Saturday, 23 January, in Wymondham, for a day of 10-­minute solo slots and, very importantly, plenty of sustenance: hot sausages, fresh white rolls (mustard & ketchup too, of course), home-made lemon drizzle cake, endless supplies of tea and coffee, plus a whole dollop of excitement about starting a new year of singing together.

We’re a friendly lot, committed to learning and performing interesting repertoire to a good (or should that be ‘high’) standard, and we’d love to attract some new voices in 2016.

Basses would be welcomed with especially open arms! Do message us if you might be interested…


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